In order for a Hungarian authority to accept a document, you will need to legalise the signature on the document that you wish to use in Hungary.

Please note that legalisation means that the consul establishes the veracity of the signature only and not the content of the document, for which the Consular Section bears no responsibility.

The consular services are by prior appointment only. For further information, please go to „Appointments” page on this website.

For the legalisation of signatures, the applicant should appear in person, present his/her valid identification document (such as a passport) and sign the document or recognise the signature on a document as his/her in the presence of the consul.  

The applicant is responsible for drawing up the document in advance. The Consular Section is unable to assist in drawing up or typing out the document.

In case you would like to sign on behalf of a company (or any other organisation), you should present the certificate of incorporation of the company. The certificate of incorporation should be issued within the previous 30 days.


  • Legalisation of signature (natural person): 34 USD / signature
  • Legalisation of signature (company): 45 USD / signature