The short-term visa (Schengen visa) authorizes the bearer to a stay of maximum 90 days, while in case of an interrupted stay, to a stay of altogether maximum 90 days within 180 days counted from the date of the first entry.

Please note that the visa is only a preliminary permission for entry, which does not authorize its bearer automatically to enter the country. The traveller may be requested to provide proof of the existence of the conditions of his/her entry and stay in Hungary and, if he/she is not able to fulfil this, he/she may be returned from the border.

The consular services are by prior appointment only. For further information, please go to „Appointments” page on this website.

Applications can only be presented in person and might be followed by a consular interview.

Lebanese and Syrian nationals require a visa to enter Hungary and can apply for it at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Hungary in Beirut. Other nationals can only apply for a visa at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Hungary in Beirut if they have legal permanent residency in Lebanon. Please see the website of the Consular Services concerning "Countries that do not need a visa".  

In accordance with the relevant visa representation agreements, the Consular Section of the Embassy of Hungary in Beirut issues Schengen visas for Lebanese nationals who wish to travel to Latvia or Slovenia.  

It is strongly recommended to apply for a visa as early as possible but not more than six months before your planned departure time.

Please prepare the required documents and fill out the application form in advance of your visa appointment:

The normal visa procedure takes minimum 15 days but can be up to 60 days. The Consular Section will contact you when a decision is made in your visa application, please do not make inquiries in this regard.

For further detailed information about visa application procedure, please visit the following page of the Consular Services website: „How to apply for a visa”.